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What is the Shimano Service Center?
Shimano Service Center is an international network of independent professional bicycle repair shops and stores. In these stores, customers can always be sure that the right tools and parts are always there to repair or maintain with the right expertise. In addition, they can be sure of the installers' confidence. The essence of the Shimano Service Center is accessibility, transparency, and reliability.

Why Shimano Service Center? Why the Balázs bicycle shop?

We are proud to be the third in Hungary to reach this stage.

Shimano promises that the mechanics at the Shimano Service Center will be as prepared as possible, so they will receive ongoing factory training. The training in which our colleagues have participated exclusively as possible and continuous training as a partner of the Shimano Service Center. It is expected that there will always be original Shimano parts in the store, in a large selection. The essence of the concept is to be able to provide the greatest possible experience for customers.

How did we achieve this in the Balázs bicycle shop?

We have completely redesigned the interior of our store to give our customers the opportunity to gain insight into servicing their bikes, making our service an open visual service. This allows them to track the transformation and / or renewal of their bikes.

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