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In Hungary as the Third

has become our Bicycle Shop a

To a Partner of Shimano Service Center .

We look forward to welcoming you to our shop for more information by clicking on the logo or by phone.

+36 26 312 111

Give your ski equipment what it wants.


Our team

Our team

Our shop is founded in my father's garage, Dunabogdány started its journey in 1992. At that time, I was alone repairing and assembling the bikes for the residents of the area. A year later ( 1993 ) I rented a bicycle shop in Szentendre, which was unfortunately not working well, to continue and boost the industry in the area. This year we founded the Hegyimazsolák Sports Association, whose headquarters was the bicycle shop. Since I could not be in two places at the same time, I hired my father-in-law (Valentin Ferenc). He worked in Szentendre, I worked in Dunabogdány. In 1994, the shop in Szentendre was moved to the 11th main road, four houses from its current location. We spent 10 years in this place. During this time, our shop has grown into a leading service and shop in Szentendre. In cycling, especially in the Mountainbike races, we achieved nice results, we participated in a lot of races with our sports association. We opened our service in Tahitótfalu in March 2002 and this year we moved our store in Szentendre to Előd street 2 / a, which is still our store. In 2012, we decided to start working on manual repairs of skis, and I also started ski training. Two years later ( 2014) we founded a new association, which, as it got older, changed from racing to a more comfortable touring team (Dunakanyar Leisure and Cycling Tour Association DSZKTE ). In the same year, our shop expanded with new services, which can be found in more detail on our website. In 2019, we started real estate development, which has now completely transformed our business, increasing the showroom and workshop. We have also expanded our range by servicing and selling electric bicycles.


We are proud of our results and the professional knowledge we have achieved during our nearly 30 years of operation. We maintain good relations with manufacturers and distributors, which benefits our customers.


We wish you pleasant browsing on our website!

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at our contact details and in our store in Szentendre.

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